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  School Infotmation  
Particulars of Staff
S.No Name Designation Qualifications
1 Dr. M. Kannan Principal M.Sc M.Ed. D.A.P
2 Mrs. Neeta Mall H.M. (Middle) M.A. M.Ed
3 Mrs. Alice Samuel H.M.(Primary) M.Sc. M.Ed
4 Mrs. Sylvia Singh
H.M. (Pre-Primary) B.A. B.Ed
5 Mrs. Sara Varkey Lecturer Sr. M.A. B.Ed
6 Mrs. Annie Thomas Lecturer Sr. M.Sc B.Ed
7 Mrs. Sheba Mall Lecturer Sr. M.A. B.Ed
8 Mr. Simon Sugunaraj Lecturer Sr M.Com. B.Ed
9 Mrs.Sasheela Jose Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed
10 Mrs. Shiny Jacob Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed
11 Mrs. Lizzie J. Kannan Lecturer M.A. M.Ed
12 Mrs. Arputhalatha Angels Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed
13 Mrs. Anjali Washington Lecturer M.Sc.M.Phil.B.Ed
14 Mrs. Rebecca Anand Lecturer M.A; B.Ed
15 Mrs. Rohini J. Das Lecturer M.A. B.Ed
16 Mr. David M Kulasekaran Lecturer M.Com M.Ed
17 Mrs.Parimala John Lecturer M.A. B.Ed
18 Mrs. Anita Immanuel Social Worker B.SC; M.S.W
19 Mrs. Amita Sahu Lecturer (art) M.A ( Double)
20 Mrs. Bincy Thomas
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