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  About Faith Academy  
From the Manager's Desk
The vision for Faith Academy started in the early 60s but took off on January 8, 1964 after seven Christians prayerfully decided to contribute Rs.3000/- each to build a good Christian school in this area. Mrs. Mary Dorsey was the first Principal and Mr. Jeffroy , the first Manager. Mrs. Persis Massey left a lucrative job in Frank Anthony school and joined Faith Academy. But soon, they found that there were more teachers than students making the school financially unviable. Mrs. Massey stepped forward to help the school by resigning her post so it could run smoothly.\n

After getting the promised land, the journey proceeded to construction of Phase I.It was indeed a proud moment when Ms. J. Khanna as the Principal of Faith Academy along with 1500 students and 75 staff walked majestically on September 3, 1987, into their own school, to the new classrooms, from the little rented rooms in East Patel Nagar.

 For the first time, Faith Academy was under one roof. On March 31, 1991, Phase II came up beautifully on the side of Phase I.To add more facilities and class rooms, on July 29, 2017, the III Phase building was inaugurated along with a one of a kind Hydraulic Stage  and a Recording Studio.

The strength of the school was 300 in 1974 and now 2900. Known for its Christian values and beautiful Vere Foster hand writing , Faith Academy is growing leaps and bounds in its mission towards perfection. We desire that our children soar great heights and shine out in the world as students depicting Christian values of love, grace and faith. Thousands of students have graduated from Faith Academy in the last five decades and many of them are placed in high positions all over the country and abroad. The contribution made by the school in the lives of these children is immense. All this was possible because of the people who loved the Lord and sacrificed their lives in establishing a good Christian school in Delhi.

The march didnt stop here. On September 29, 2014, a new baby, Faith Academy II was born. And soon around 300 students joined the school with as many as 15 teachers joining the team. Faith Academy II was the only possible answer to meet the ever growing admission pressure which left many parents helpless as they could not find a good school for their children. Principal of Faith Academy I, Dr. M. Kannan and Principal of Faith Academy II, Mrs. E. Robert are giving able leadership to both schools along with the Headmistresses and other staff. So, Faith Academy is on the move to create another history by using its facilities to its full potential.

The journey of Faith Academy is a long and arduous one from rubbish-filled land to the Garden of Eden. Do you think, it was possible without Gods help? The answer is an emphatic NO.

( The thoughts shared above, are by Mr.S.Robert, Hon. Manager, who has been in the Managing Committee of Faith Academy since 1976.)

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