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  About Faith Academy  
From the Consultant's Desk


My mother had just lost her beloved husband. Her desire was that I live near her, so that the two of us , mother and daughter could make a home for ourselves. The only problem was that I preferred South to  North India. But, God whispered in my ear. Return and submit. These were the exact words spoken to Hagar, Sarai and Abrahams maid. Hagar was dissatisfied with her life. She ran away from Abrahams house with her son. She had to return to Abraham and Sarai.

I battled with God for three months. I am glad that eventually, I surrendered my all to Jesus Christ. I said,  Lord Jesus , I will tender my resignation today. I will step into the unknown future. I will have no job, till I apply and get one. I will not have a cottage of my own. I will miss my beautiful small garden. But, I will obey you. I will go where you want me to go.
After I handed in my resignation, God filled my heart with His peace. He calmed my heart. God opened His door for me. From beautiful Bangalore, He brought me to the busy Capital of India. Life in New Delhi was very different from Bangalore. Even the climate was either very hot or very cold. From a large well established school, I came to an unrecognized middle school with only eight students in class VIII. The unrecognized Christian school after 53 years is now a large beautiful school with more than 5000 boys and girls. The school is upto class XII with Science , Commerce and Humanities streams. In the last two years , we have had afternoon shift too. The demand for admission is high. Parents appreciate their children learning  The Holy Bible for 30 minutes, five days  a week. The school is an English Medium School.

Return to North India. Submit to your mother who is a widow.

Today, as I look back, I have no regrets. God has blessed the labour of my hands in Faith Academy. He has taught me that God is NO MANS DEBTOR.
I have NOT lacked one good thing since I joined Faith Academy in January 1983.

All Glory be to God.
Miss. Joyce Khanna
Senior Consultant
Faith Academy


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