About Faith Academy  
Social Work and Counselling

The Social Work and Counselling Department of Faith Academy is working actively for the emotional well being of the students. The team consists of a full time Counsellor and a Social Worker cum Counsellor. Many students are referred by their teachers for counselling and follow up is also done. Parents often approach the counselors and seek advice on how to handle their growing children, especially teenagers. In some cases, children come and share the problems that they are facing with other students or even their parents and teachers. In all these cases, we first conduct an intake interview and gather all the relevant details and information. A patient listening goes a long way in helping especially the adolescents who often feel ignored and neglected. We counsel the parents as many problems of children have roots in circumstances at home.

Career counselling is another important area of work. Another initiative of the department is the identification and referral of children with learning disabilities.

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